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Flowers Make Nice Gifts

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Expand or Contract : Move Part2

So here I am in the middle of a rainforest immersed in trees, flowers, bugs and a beautiful family. The experience of arrival was a beautiful shock.   I was thousands of miles from home with my closest loved ones at my side, so why did I feel so alone?
After the first rain,  I began thinking about what I was doing in this rainforest? Why had the universe brought me here? Why did we need to be here in particular? Im in a place I had never been with people I never met. Expansion. Teachers. I am student.
The morning came and we rose with the sun. All night I was tossing and turning as was my lil girl. We were being attacked by mosquitos in our rest and could barely sleep because we were bit so bad and itchy. Our morning was full of fresh fruit from the land and stories of others and their mosquito bites. Our host Andrew was a very cool brotha, he was about 40 and part Ethiopian and German. Andrew came to live in Hana 19 years prior because his brother lived out in Maui. Andrew hasnt left Maui since. I thought to myself wow, I don’t know if I could ever stay put somewhere for that amount of time. Andrew loved the secluded easy going life that Hana offered but did mention that he used to go to the other sid eof Island to visit friends more often years ago. Now he had been in Hana so long he lost contact with many that he used to visit and link with.

There are many reclusive people that live in Hana I learned.

There is a large Hawai’ian community as well and when we went to the beach we met a very nice couple who had 4 children and invited us to partake in their party that was going on that day at the beach.

We were very appreciative and shared story of our journey to Maui. The wife was a school teacher and spoke about how she taught true culture in the schools now. The husband was puerto rican and we got to speak spanish and talk about rice and guandules. They were going to make some sunday they shared. I watched their older daughters 6 and maybe 9 surf with a longboard and thought it was totally awesome.

Being on the beach made me think of this song I made and it made me grateful to experience such a beautiful pure place.